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Musings from the Dot

Thought 1: At night, I can count no fewer than 5 students who don't know how to close their curtains. These people are exhibitionists or just naive of the physics of light.

Thought 2: My first work meeting: It was like a My-Parents-Are-From-Xasziland-So-I-Have-A-Funny-Name-With-Slurps-In-It bonding session. How long until these guys figure out I'm a control freak?

Thought 3: There is a lecture entitled "The End of American Imperialism" that I'll be attending Saturday. It's being put on by the Bolshevik Society at U of T. Seriously. I'm very excited for my first coup d'etat.

Thought 4: Everything worth doing is worth doing last minute - I just got uber cheap tickets to see my very first opera this Sunday. Did I mention it's almost 2 hours and entirely in German?
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