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Magnolias on the Mind

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Build me an army worthy of Mordor.
adventures, analytic geometry, anarchism, apollonian culture, behaviour analysis, berries, black holes, brian greene, buttermilk, calculus, catholicism, cern, chaos theory, chemical engineering, civil engineering, cloud mattresses, cognitive psychology, combinatorics, communism, condensed matter, cosmology, creativity, czech republic, dance music, darwinism, debating, dictators, differential equations, dionysian culture, documentary channel, dyzo, earth, eigenvalues, electrical engineering, electromagnetic force, emp bombs, epistemology, europe, evolution, existentialism, experimental physics, fascism, feminism, feudalism, fission, fredrich nietzsche, frontiers of construction, fusion, galaxy clusters, general relativity, genetics, gliese 876, goofy humour, google, gravity, happy bunny, harry potter, hyenas, immunology, induction, infrared energy, innovation, irony, james clerk maxwell, jrr tolkien, judith miller, jupiter, k-theory, large hadron collider, liberalism, light and optics, linear algebra, lise meitner, logic, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, lunar eclipse, m theory, manhattan project, mars, martha gellhorn, marx, mechanical engineering, medical science, medieval history, mercury, meteorology, multivariable calculus, nationalism, nebulas, neptune, neuroscience, neutrino ripples, nihilism, nuclear engineering, nuclear physics, number theory, objectivism, orange juice, oriana fallaci, p-branes, peace, philosophy, pluto, poland, politics, polski jenzyk, proletarianism, psychoanalysis, puns, quantum physics, quantum tunnelling, quarks, radiation, robert oppenheimer, russia, sarcasm, saturn, shakespeare, silence, site directed mutagenesis, sith, slavic culture, slovakia, socialism, software engineering, solar eclipse, sour candy, space elevator, star wars, straw mattresses, string theory, strong nuclear force, superconductors, supersymmetry, telomeres, the mystery of life, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, time warps, trans-atlantic highway, turning points, ukraine, ultraviolet energy, uranus, utilitarianism, vatican, venus, weak nuclear force, world war ii